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タイニーメカトロウィーゴ BOX2

Tiny MechatroWeGo Box2
タイニーメカトロウィーゴ BOX2

Sold in set of 6.

Despite being as small as your thumb, the arms and legs will be articulated allowing for a full range of motion.

They come in 6 colors as below.

▶ 80 ’s: Soft pastel colors like those used in the Memphis style that started in the 1980’s.
▶ BRITISH: The Union Jack color of the British flag is worn on the back, while the overall color concept is of a British classic car.
▶ KAPPA: The concept is “Kappa”, an imaginary creature of Japanese folklore.
▶ ISO: Based on the coloring of a famous car from a once existed Italian automobile manufacturer.
▶ High-tech: The concept will be from high-performance sneakers that were popular in Japan in the 90’s.
▶ TAXI Blue: This type is based on the color scheme of an actual taxi seen in Hong Kong.

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Release Date2021/06
SeriesMechatro WeGo
CategoryArticulated Figure
HeightApprox 45mm
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